Breaking the ice

So hi there! My name’s Rhiân and I’m really glad you’ve arrived at my little stamping ground. You can find out a bit more about me on this page here but here are the basics; I’m 24, I live in York (but I’m from Wales), and I love reading, creating and travelling.

on beaches, upside down, cats.

on beaches, upside down, cats.

I owned a couple of blogs before now, one focusing on upcycling/thriftiness, and another focused on my time as an unemployed graduate many moons ago. I’ve shied away from writing personal blogs in the past as I’ve been a bit wary about who might read them, who might judge them – would people make fun of me for what I’d written? Now, I’ve come to that point in life where, actually, I don’t care what people think of me. It’s a lovely place to be!

At the moment I’m envisaging this as a place where I can get to know like-minded people, share my stories, take some pictures, review things here and there. Maybe this will be a ‘lifestyle’ blog? Who knows what form it’ll take. I’m just glad to be back writing again – like I said in my about me page, I’ve been neglecting the creative side in me for far too long.

My posts might be/be about…

Short stories, yoga, exercise, recipes, life lessons, travel stories, crafts, reviews, charity shop shopping, money, goals, lists, regrets, hopes, Q&As. These are the kinds of posts I’m interested in myself.

I hope that you might stay around for it!

My other pages are listed here:

Pinterest – Instagram: @rhiddles – Twitter : @rhididdy_

Bye for now!

R xo


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