A week in February feat. writing, hats, Welsh friends.

This week I have been grateful.

Each new week brings with it a wealth of possibilities, opportunities to gain a fresh perspective, and countless ways to improve on the last week. I’m grateful that I get these chances to reflect and respond.

I know it’s not the same for everyone, and I know it’s not easy when there are things weighing on your mind. More than anyone, I think I know that. But with a lot of practise, and making time for some mindfulness it’s easier to view a new week as a new opening.

I had a hard week a couple of weeks ago. I mean, I really struggled every day. Sometimes you really have to sit some days out; and I don’t mean not going to work, or ignoring a really important and onerous task. I just mean that some days we have to take a moment to acknowledge that we cannot be our best selves every single day. I think we are all guilty of expecting too much of ourselves.

The changes you make to improve on last week, or the week before don’t have to be big. Or noticeable to others. Just make sure you take some time for yourself. Write a list of significant but realistic tasks you want to complete. Carve out an hour of your time to read a book, or write something. Open and burn the candle you want to ‘save’ cause it smells so nice. Be kind to yourself.

This week.

So, this week was a short one in work. I got Chris and I tickets to see Phoenix Nights live in Manchester for Christmas, and this meant I got to leave work at 2pm Thursday and had Friday off. It was a dreaaaam! A lie-in eh? Not so much. We stayed overnight in Manchester and I was wide awake at the same time as I am for work every day. I think that’s what they call sod’s law. But the show was really good, I love the series, and all the live shows are in aid of Comic Relief. Manchester hat

 Hat-wearing in Manchester. 

Earlier in the week I had arranged to meet my fellow Welshie in York and best bud Alex. She is my veggie idol, and so we went to Wagamama to eat some scrummy Yasai Katsu curry – which I have found the recipe for on pinterest and cannot wait to recreate at home. Both Alex and I are busy souls so it’s hard to find some time for us where we’re both available – but when we do, I come away feeling so bloody fab. I don’t think we stopped laughing all night. I had to take a picture of Alex’s outfit, just ’cause, well LOOK. She’s so fit. rhi and alex 2

Look at dem Docs.

Chris and I ‘did’ Valentine’s Day on Friday evening, we’re not so fussed on the whole thing but we do both like presents so that’s okay. You might have seen the keyring I bought for Chris on Instagram, which is wooden with a picture printed onto it and a message inscribed. Pretty cute. He got me B.J. Novak’s book of short stories and a travel diary. He just knows me far too well. We were knackered so it was bed at 9:30pm for a 13 hour sleep. Oh the ROMANCE. 4 pictures sunday

V day presents, weekly flowers, run by the River Ouse, Green Tea.

We went for a wander down Bishy Road on Saturday (which has been in the media a lot recently), browsed the charity shops, bought some flowers, and got some lunch. I picked up some Laura Ashley wallpaper for £2 so I was a very smug shopper! Bar Walls Trench Coat

Bishy road wandering in my trench coat, which I cannot pair with my hat as I look very ‘Sherlock Holmes’. 

Sunday Desk

Desk view

Sunday has been productive for me! I have been for a run, done a load of washing, cleaned the flat, and sorted out our bedroom. I’ve got some train tickets to book to see my friend George in London next month, and some banana loaf to make for my colleagues as I have too many overripe bananas. So much housewifery.

What have you lot been doing with your weekend?


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