THAT Notting Hill door, and a hella lot of Camden

Hey everyone!

Firstly, can I say a giant thank-you to you all. In the month that ChapterAndCircle has been live, I’ve received almost 1000 views and 300 visitors. That.Is.Amazing. I never thought that this would reach so far in its first month! If you are a returning visitor, thank you so much for sticking with me, and I hope you’ll stay around.

Don’t forget I am also on Twitter – @rhidddles and Instagram @rhiddles.

I’m trying to find time to write posts other than my weekly roundups (I have such a backlog of ideas!) but time is an issue at the moment with only a few more weeks to go until we move, plus we seem to be busy every weekend. But I promise that my posts will be a bit more varied in future – just bare with me 🙂

Hope you’ve all had as lovely a weekend as I’ve had. I spent this weekend in London with one of my best friends, George, who I haven’t seen in ages, so it was so nice to escape York and catch-up and be bewildered by London…

london camden collage

So, I took the Megabus down to London last Friday 13th. Ominous enough to begin with. Obviously the bus was late. And cramped. And pongy. Plus, I managed to have a water bottle leak all over my crotch. Yummmmaaay. We got off at East Midlands Parkway which is the most grim and desolate train station I have ever been to. There, the girl who had sat in front of me on the bus chewing with her mouth widely open for all to see and hear, sat legs akimbo on her luggage, peeling an orange with her teeth and spitting the peel on the floor. As if she hadn’t eaten in months. So bloody bizarre. I couldn’t stop looking at her.

I was glad to then get on the train straight to Pancras where George met me. The only thing we had properly planned was to go for a curry on Friday night in central London which was SO nice and excellently priced. And also pretty amusing.


From there we went on to Camden, where much wine, weird cocktails and beer was consumed in a place called Proud. But not before we had to essentially prove our existence to get into Wetherspoons – we got ID’d about a million times before we could get in. Living. The. Dream.

Saturday morning, I could’ve done without. Feeling a bit worse for wear, I managed to pull myself together so we could make the most of the day. We headed to Portobello Market and Notting Hill which was an EXPERIENCE. So many people.

portobello market

I was too hungover to get annoyed though, so we just became the dawdlers ourselves. I was clinging onto my pint of milk for dear life (I made us find a shop where I could purchase some cow-y goodness, as it is my go-to hangover cure. Pretty sure I looked so very classy). I could’ve spent hundreds there, but I was very restrained and limited myself to a few books and a tote bag. AND THEN WE FOUND THE NOTTING HILL HOUSE. So much excitement over a door.

notting hill door

Then we headed to Borough Market near Southbank with ALL THE FOOD YOU COULD EVER WANT. By this point I was the hungriest I’d ever been – but we decided to go to The George Inn (cause George is very egotistical) for lunch instead. Fascinating place. It was mentioned in Charles Dickens’ Little Dorrit and is the quaintest little place. I didn’t think anywhere could out-do York in terms of quaint old pubs, especially London, but this place really is special. The food is very reasonably priced (£10 for a burger) and really delicious. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for somewhere a bit different and off the beaten track of chain after chain in London (it’s near London Bridge station and tucked away).

george inn london

After some tasty desserts from the market, we tried to get some cheap theatre tickets to no avail! So, after a quick detour to George’s flat, we then rushed out to get to the Camden Head pub for their Comedy Night which was bloody brilliant. George and I had to sit in the front row – so we got a pasting – which I found hilarious. George, nahhhhhht so much. It’s a really intimate setting with really welcoming hosts. They had 5 acts on, all of which were very different to the next, and I really liked that they’d made the effort to show such varied acts. If I lived in London, it would definitely become a regular Saturday night thing for me, and I’ll 100% be going back there whenever I can.

camden comedy club

Due to the impact Friday night had on us/me, we decided to call it a night and go home, refreshed for Sunday. Where did we go on Sunday? Yep, we went to Camden again to check out the market before I had to get my train back. What a bloody lovely weekend I had. George was the perfect host/hangover-restoration man and I will be going back SOON.

What have you lovely lot been up to?

R xo


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