5 obsessions that I can’t get on board with

We live in a world which is obsessed by obsessions.

A new trend unfolds every week. A new film reveals the nation’s new favourite character. Nobody can really explain why some things go viral – I mean, I can’t explain why we all collected those baby alien eggs back in school, which SWORE they would hatch into bigger aliens but never did. Or why we all went crazy for Adidas popper trousers. Or why we loved the Spice Girls and believed that at least one of them was our spirit animal. Well, I could definitely explain that one, but I don’t have the time riiight now…

Everyone has their own obsessions. Some are personal and not particularly ‘on trend’, but I can bet that most of us have obsessions which are pretty darn popular. One of my more popular ones would be Harry Potter. However, I know that for every 100th person who loves HP, there’ll be a handful who can’t understand the draw at all. Which is cool, cause it’d be well boring to not have those people that you have to explain the brilliance of HP to over and over, thus replenishing your love for it all over again.

Below, I discuss 5 recent trends which I just cannot get on board with. Nope.

1. Coffee

I might have invented the tea vs coffee rivalry in my head. But recently there seems to be one, according to my social media feeds anyway. For somebody whose mother has always drunk about 8 cups of the stuff before she can legitimately leave the house for work, it seems strange to have such an aversion to it. But I genuinely hate coffee, and it’s not even one of those things that I’m willing to have another go at cause it seems to be a bit ‘on trend’ at the moment to rely on a morning coffee (see Instagram images below!).


The almost medicinal bitterness, the murky water, the stale coffee breath it brings. It tastes like charcoal and tar combined. Plus,the smell of it sticks around like smoke. I do wish I liked it though! I really wish I could be one of those effortlessly elegant working women who waltz into Starbucks at 6am, orders a Venti Americano, and proceeds to conquer the day ahead with composure and generally with  all their shit together.

I do understand all your love for coffee though, as I feel the same way about tea. Even though it’s superior. Soz. Team Tea gal over here.


2. Minions


I’ve seen Despicable Me. It’s an alright film and I watched it with my niece and nephew. I just didn’t find the little yellow earplug-like things funny or charming or anything but annoying. They’re on phonecases and pyjamas and I’ve even seen nail stickers of them. Noooo. And the minion memes on facebook, I could scream. THEY’RE NOT  FUNNY. (This also goes for the previous Spongebob obsession that lasted a good few years…maybe I just hate yellow cartoon characters?)


3. Kim Kardashian

Or any Kardashian for that matter. She’s one of these reality stars turned uber famous for seemingly no reason. I kinda understand the whole watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, cause like any other reality TV show, we all indulge in a little schadenfreude every now and again (I’m a sucker for Real Housewives..). However, the utter adoration I see for her day in and day out just absolutely bamboozles me. Her fashion sense can be okay, and she embraces her brilliant curvaceousness which is awesome. But further than that, I can’t understand this particular obsession. There are hundreds of female celebrities who seem to have the whole ‘being a bad-ass role model’ thang nailed down – hello Jennifer Lawrence, Mindy Kaling, Zooey Deschanel, Beyonce, Laverne Cox, Emma Stone – all of whom are beautiful, unashamedly themselves and truly inspiring – so why are people obsessed with her? Unknown.


4. Salted caramel things

Caramel I can get on board with. Salt I can definitely get on board with. Combined – you have to be kidding? No. Like Peter Kay and his infamous aversion to garlic bread, these are two things I feel should not enter into any sort of culinary arrangement. And I can’t move for salted caramel flavoured things in restaurants or supermarkets anymore! Every dessert is salted caramel, drinks, yoghurt, ice-cream, chocolate, salad. Okay so I’ve not really come across a SC salad, but I’m preeeetty sure it won’t be long until I do.

salted caramel


5. Hating on people with ‘bad’ eyebrows

So recently there’s been this huuuuge upsurge in having eyebrows that are ‘on point’. The new beauty obsession, right? We’ve all rushed out and bought Browzings, and Anastasia Beverley Hills kits, yes? Well, no, I just bought a No.7 pencil cause I ain’t got the time or patience to draw on two identical brows every morning. And I have to say, I am considering some HD brows, mainly because my eyebrow colour does not at all match my hair colour, and it’s pretty noticeable. BUT, I’m seeing far too many people who are mocking other people for the ‘state’ of their brows. I mean, really. Grown women poking fun because somebody doesn’t conform to the ‘eyebrow club’ which has been popular for all of 5 seconds. Some of it is light-hearted, but some of it is just mean. We have enough bodyshaming in this world already, can we not add another layer to things on which women are judged by?


eyebrow d


My questions to you are – Do you agree or disagree with any of the above? What are the current obsessions/trends that you can’t get on board with?


R xo


18 thoughts on “5 obsessions that I can’t get on board with

  1. I completely agree with all these things! Especially desserts which are ruined by mixing salt with caramel. I can just about manage coffee with lots of caramel in it, otherwise I think it tastes pretty nasty. I’d much rather have a tea any day.
    I do think minions are cute when in the film but I never get obsessed over things like that.
    Debbie x http://www.hellodeborah.co.uk


      • Urban Outfitters, Inc. is an innovative specialty retail company which offers a variety of lifestyle merchandise to highly defined customer niches. We have an established ability to understand our customers and connect with them on an emotional level. The reason for this success is that our brands — Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, Terrain and BHLDN — are both compelling and distinct. Each brand chooses a particular customer segment, and once chosen, sets out to create sustainable points of distinction with that segment. In the retail brands we design innovative stores that resonate with the target audience; offer an eclectic mix of merchandise in which hard and soft goods are cross merchandised; and construct unique product displays that incorporate found objects into creative selling vignettes. The emphasis is on creativity. Our goal is to offer a product assortment and an environment so compelling and distinctive that the customer feels an empathetic connection to the brand and is persuaded to buy.
        I got a grade A in English language and I do not know what the above means. This, for me, typifies the description URBAN, something created by people in “you wouldn’t understand” advertising!


  2. I agree so much with this post! Why do people become obsessed with things? It’s a question that baffles me! I do love tea though, nothing will beat it, certainly not coffee. Ew it is so horrible! I think the Kim Kardashian obsession is a bit of a silly one in my eyes, because like you said there are other powerful and strong minded women out there!


  3. While I cannot agree with all of these – I am quite partial to a fresh coffee to wake me up in the morning and I can kind of get on board with the salted caramel craze (although not to the extent of it being obsessional) – I definitely agree with the others!

    I enjoyed the Despicable Me films, but the whole minion craze is so overdone! If I see another one of those massive minion phone cases that every other girl seems to have I may scream. No. It is not “cute”.

    I also don’t understand the Kim K obsession! Why her? Like you said, there are so many other awesome celebrities who actually worked hard to gain their status. To me, Kim K is pretty average.

    Okay, rant over. Thanks for this post for allowing me to vent 😉

    Charli x // http://www.highstreetbeautyjunkie.com


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  5. I’m with you 100% on 2, 3, & 5. However, I’m physically dependent on coffee and think salted carmel is hands down the most delicious combo around. Funny how food tastes are so subjective!
    So with you on number 5. How has it become trendy to insult people’s eyebrows? I see posts like those examples everywhere. This should not be a thing.


    • Haha, I do get the coffee thing though as I’m completely dependent on tea 🙂 I don’t know! I would never even think of insulting someone’s eyebrows :/ it’s a sorry state of social media influence, I think. This ‘brows on point’ thing has gone too far.

      Rhi xx


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