Coffee and Cocktails! Coffee with Currys at Revolution Newcastle

Coffee and Cocktails with Revolution Newcastle

Thursday night was a reet good’un. Not only did I get an invite to my first #nebloggers event (north-east bloggers), I also got to meet some of the beauties I’ve been speaking to for a while through blogs and twitter. Cue big fat cheesy smile.

If you read my obsessions post, you’ll know that coffee and I have just never clicked. When I was invited to the #CoffeeWithCurrys event by those lovely guys over at Joe Blogs I was a bit like, “Eh? coffee in cocktails? But why would you do such a thing?”. Despite my hatred of coffee as a beverage, I’m actually quite partial to most coffee flavoured things – I’m the first on the search for a coffee flavoured Revel, and coffee ice cream is pretty darn nice too. So yeah, long story short, I swiftly took up that invite.

coffee with currys

Having met the ladies beforehand, we quickly got settled into our seats in a very snazzy reserved area, and were each given our first coffee based cocktail. Me and Laura sniffed at ours, gently sipped it, and deduced ‘mm, not too coffee-y’.

coffee with currys

Doing a spot of bartending…

Then we were taken behind the bar in groups to have a go at making our own cocktails. Being a former barmaid I felt quite at home…

coffee with currys

Here’s one of the bartenders helping me and Laura put chocolate sauce into our cocktails – as part of team #TeamTea, we decided to opt out of having any coffee put in ours. So ours were called ‘Honey Fee – with a twist’.

coffee with currys 2

coffee with currys 4

coffee with currys 3

coffee with currys 5

Mine and Laura’s coffee-less cocktails…

coffee with currys 1

Very Instagram-worthy jars and straws, eh?!

Two shots of Jack Daniels honey whiskey, 1 shot of gomme syrup, 1 shot of chocolate syrup, 2 shots of cream and some squirty cream later, and we had ourselves a pretty lovely looking cocktail. Well, we had to shake the life out of the ingredients first, but you catch my drift. It was a brilliant masterclass, and I’ll hopefully retain the skill of having the right angles for shaking and removing the glass from the tumblers!

coffee with currys
Here’s one of the bartenders doing some pretty cool wizardry with 5 tumblers and 5 glasses. Impressive!

coffee with currys girls

Cocktails in hands, happy ladies

After this, we were offered some gorgeous nibbles to eat. I’m already a fan of Revs’ half price Mondays so I was really looking forward to this part, and it didn’t disappoint. We’d also been asked to tweet our pictures all night to be in with a chance of winning 2 different coffee machines – I’m usually all for a competition, so whilst I did tweet and take part, I knew a coffee machine would be wasted on me! Two other lovely ladies won and got to take those amazing prizes home.

What a night! I had such a lovely time, and me and some of the girls haven’t stopped Whatsapping since, having giggles about the evening’s activities…I would really recommend one of Revs’ cocktail masterclasses for maybe a birthday treat or hen do idea, it’s so much fun!

You can read more about #CoffeeWithCurrys here , too!

Thanks so much again to Joe Blogs, Currys and Revolution for having us, and here’s to the next!

R xo


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