#PatAPet at Whitehouse Farm


Hi everyone! This is probably the most fun blog post I’ve come to write yet. Well, it was certainly the most fun to research and photograph 😉

Some of you might know that my family used to breed dogs – Bullmastiffs – and used to show them at Crufts and other dog show events. Sometimes, I used to be able to take part in child dog-shows too which was SO CUTE (picture a 5 year old holding the lead of a massive horselike doggy). Female Bullmastiffs can have really large litters of pups – I remember one of our girls, Tara, having a litter of about 14/15 – and so I’ve always been used to having loads and loads of dogs around, and I loved it. Dogs are the best.


A bullmastiff

Fast forward a few years, and we no longer bred dogs. My last baby girl bulldog, Rosie-Lee, passed away and I was left broken-hearted. We had a gap where we had no animals, but then when I was 17 we adopted a kitten called Bailey after hearing that his owners were going to drown him (!!!???) and his brothers and sisters if no one could take them off their hands. We had NEVER been cat people before then, but I couldn’t bear the thought of these teeny babies coming to harm.

Back at home in Wales, my family now have 2 cats – Bailey and Scott (Scott kind of adopted us when he was a big kitten, we suspect he had been dumped 😦 ) and 2 Cairn Terriers, Dudley and Chester. They are all beserk in their own ways, and I love them so much I could burst.


Scott (L) and Bailey (R)

cairn terriers dogs

Dudley (L) and Chester (R)

So, when Erica from Talented Talkers got in touch and asked would I like to go and #PatAPet (in our case, #PatAllThePets) at a nearby farm to help raise awareness of the RSPCA’s rehoming campaign, I was like … I’M ALL OVER THAT, GIMME ALL THE ANIMALS.

We decided to go to Whitehouse Farm in Morpeth as we were in Newcastle for the weekend, and having been there for my birthday in November, we already knew how good it was and really wanted to go again and see all of the new Spring babies.

As we kind of already knew our way around, we headed straight for the lambs because – well, I don’t really need a reason cause LOOK:

whitehouse farm lamb

whitehouse farm lambs

They ate out of our hands, well mostly licked as they’re still quite young, and one of them even tried to have a tasty lunch courtesy of my coat sleeve. Nawwwwwww.

Then we decided to head straight to the petting barn where me met some beardy little friends. I LOVE the goats! Ever since seeing them on my birthday I’ve been saying to Chris that we one day need some land so that we can have some goats because they’re the NICEST little guys.


Further on down the barn, I could see lots of little coloured seats and loads of excitable children sitting on them. On closer inspection, I realised they were ALL cuddling bunnies and rats and mice. Well jel. So, I got in amongst the little children and got my own cuddles. No shame here.

whitehouse farm mouse

Little mousey here did a tiny poo in my hands, how nice of him. Still loved him though.

whitehouse farm mouse

I was bit -urrr- about holding the rats as I’m not a fan of their thick tails. But held one I did and I fell in love with him! He was gorgeous, he burrowed into me and fell asleep! No longer afraid of their tails either – they’re beautiful animals.

whitehouse farm meerkat

We then stepped outside to see the meerkats for a bit – cheeky little fellas.

Back in the barn, it was time for the beastie show! Chris was a bit tentative about this part…

whitehouse farm cockroachwhitehouse farm milipede

First up were some Giant Madagascan hissing cockroaches and Martha the milipede!

whitehouse farm dragon

whitehouse farm dragon

Next, a bearded dragon and a Chinese dragon…

Now for the big guns..Introducing to you, Rhiân-I’m-Petrified-of-Spiders, with a TARANTULA ON HER HEAD. This took a bit of guts on my part, but once one of the staff promised me she wouldn’t crawl on my face, I went for it. Maybe it’s cured my fears of the scuttly little devils? Yet to tell. Oh, we had to hold them on our heads as they release hairs when they’re scared that, if go in your eyes or mouth, you might have to take a trip to hospital!

whitehouse farm spider

Next, an Albino Burmese Python, weighing 3 stones. Quite the accessory.

whitehouse farm python whitehouse farm python

The staff who put on both the beastie show and the other – shall we say – ‘more fluffy’ show, were brilliant. They assisted all the children with the animals and made sure they all knew what the animal liked and disliked. Their shows were really informative and I’m so glad we arrived in time for both of the shows.

whitehouse farm

On our way back to the car, Chris made us go and see the lambs again (it didn’t take much convincing) as he had become rather attached to one of them called Ant. Yes, he had a brother called Dec.

We also stopped off to see the outside goats near the car park. There were some baby ones there who were adorable. The little bleating sounds they make are so so so so cute.baby goat


All in all, I wanted to rehome them all (except for Mrs Spidey, you were respectful, but I’d never sleep again knowing you were in my living room).

The RSPCA’s #PatAPet campaign is all about getting the knowledge out there about all the different types of animals that can be taken into their care, with the hopes of being rehomed. Cats and dogs are an obvious one, but often other types of animals are harder to rehome. Even from January to April this year, 3,851 calls were made to the RSPCA about abandoned animals. This makes my heart ache and wish I could take them all in. Chris and I plan to adopt 1 or 2 kittens when we’ve moved into our own place in Newcastle.

Do you think you could rehome a pet? Obviously there are a lot of factors to take into consideration, pets are not as easy to take care of as it seems, but you can find out a lot more about it on the RSPCA’s rehoming page. And if you’re from the North-East, definitely take a visit to Whitehouse Farm, it’s a brilliant day out.

Have you ever adopted or rehomed a pet? Or are you considering it in the future? Thanks for reading!

R xo

*My entry to the farm was paid for. 


7 thoughts on “#PatAPet at Whitehouse Farm

    • I LOVE goats. There was a tragic moment where the older goats pinned a baby one with their horns cause I was feeding the baby one and they were jealous. I almost cried, then Chris threw feed at their bonces. It was all very tragic.



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