Which camera should you blog with?

Cameras and blogging: Which models should I consider?

Hi y’allllll! It’s been 2 whole weeks since I’ve had time to write a single sausage. RECAP: I’ve now left my job, had a leaving do, had blog events, packed our lives up, aaaaand…moved to Newcastle. Yup, I now live in Newcastle! Buh bye, York (until Monday, when we’re coming to clean our old flat and pick up the last of our stuff).

Not sure it’s sunk in just yet. As I sit and write this, Chris and his dad are constructing our new wardrobe and our bedroom is full of boxes. It’s going to be a LONG weekend as we try and sort ourselves out, and if we’re honest, a long few weeks as we settle in to Chris’ parents house and adjust. I am SO excited to be here, though, and begin this new little chapter.

So yep, I’ve not had a lot of time to sit down and write a post worthy of publishing. That, and I discovered Gossip Girl through the wonder that is Netflix and I’ve been binging. So there’s that too.

I wanted to write this post today cause I know how much knowledge and experience you all have with photography for your blogs and otherwise. I’ve been saving for a camera for a while now, even before I started this blog and now I have enough to spend on a decent model.

I’ve been asking around  and have gathered some thoughts on 4 different cameras that some bloggers use.

Sony A5000

Approx £250

Sony A5000 Camera

I asked Laura from Laura Cinnamon what made her buy this model recently. She said:

I was mainly fed up with the weight of my DSLR and wanted something smaller/lighter which was just as good quality and can have lenses put on. It has a pull up screen (for selfies, obviously), auto focuses for photos and filming silently, and it has WiFi, so I can take a photo and send it straight to my phone for social sharing etc – so better quality Instagram photos! I’m loving it so far!

Nikon d3200

Approx £279

Nikon d3200 camera

image source

 Alice from Alice’s Wonder Emporium uses a Nikon d2300. I had been checking out her pictures from a blogging event we both went to and I thought ‘I gotta get me some o’ that!’.  She has a 50mm lens and a 35mm lens too. I must say, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on this model and it seems like such a brilliant investment. You should definitely check out the quality of Alice’s pictures, they make me green with envy when I compare them to my iPhone 5c pictures!

Nikon L330 Coolpix

Approx £90

Nikon Coolpix L330 camera

Corinne from Organic by Nerve recently bought herself a Nikon L330 Cooplix camera as an upgrade. She said:

I wanted a much higher MegaPixel camera and to take more high quality pictures for my blog, but I also wasn’t ready to spend the amount for a DSLR. I’d like to save up for one for one day though! I think as you get into blogging more (I’m still pretty new!), you want to improve the quality of your content.

Canon 700D

Approx: £450

Canon EOS 700D camera

Frankie from Crazy Blonde Gal  uses a Canon EOS 700D. She said:

I use the Canon 700D, it’s my first DSLR so I’m still getting to grips with it, but I love the quality of the photos it produces and the range of features it has on offer. My favourite features are filter effects, high quality videos, and a flip over moveable screen (which I love!).

I’ve been reading up on a variety of cameras recently and have been pinning away tips and tricks on Pinterest that will come in handy for when I finally bite the bullet and purchase. It’s really important to me to make sure that the camera I’m going to buy will match all of my expectations and price range. In true me-style, I’m going to make a list of megapixels, features, price, lenses etc for when I come to buy so that I can tick them off and make sure I’ve got everything I need and want.

I’ve also been looking at examples of pictures produced by my shortlist of cameras so that I can see the quality of the pictures, but also so that I can see the effect of different apertures, shutter speeds, exposures, ISO etc.

I *think* I’m almost ready to make a decision…

Do you have any camera favourites that you think I should consider? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

R xo




13 thoughts on “Which camera should you blog with?

  1. Ok so I shoot mostly the Fuji X-Pro1 which is a CSC and as a professional photographer I hope I sort of know what I’m talking about, if you wanted something with a fixed lens you should check out the X100s, you can pick them up quite cheaply on Ebay now, think about a couple of hundred pounds but when they launched they were £1000, so easy to use and they’ll do as much or as little as you need and straight out of camera auto will still get you a superior image quality way beyond anything you’ve listed here 🙂


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