I’ve found the best deodorant EVER!

The story, reviews, culmination 

I’ve got to say, when I planned this blog post, I thought it was going to end with a very different outcome.

Basically, I’ve been searching for the wonder deodorant of my dreams for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried every antiperspirant under the sun over the last 6 years. You name it, I’ve tried it. Even the ‘industrial strength’ prescription antiperspirants from my doctor didn’t take on me. I had kinda consigned myself to just accepting hyperhidrosis as just a really annoying and inconvenient part of my life that I just had to get on with.

Excessive sweating isn’t just uncomfortable. It can be really embarrassing and limiting. Even on the coldest days I can be found trying to hide my underarms.

It’s had an effect on many parts of my life. It makes me feel so insecure when I wear certain things. Blouses are an absolute no go, really, as is any piece of clothing which is made of that kind of material. I always go for clothes which have long sleeves or at least short sleeves that are slightly baggy, and normally dark coloured. This is how I minimise drawing any attention to any underarm patches. But, inevitably, when it’s warmer than usual, I still sweat and sometimes overheat.

no water


So, job interviews have always been doubly stressful, as turning up a dripping mess has never been an intention but always an inevitable. Stressful days at work were never just dealt with a cup of tea, it was dealt with by taking a change of clothes, making sure I was armed with extra deodorant, wipes, and spray. It’s about always forward planning.

Sweating also damages my clothes, especially any light coloured ones.

Thankfully, I’ve never really had ‘body odour’, just a very imposing and non-stop wetness. But the more I sweat, the more anxious I get, and then that can lead me to applying deodorant or body spray over and over, clogging my pores up more.

So, yep, you name it – I’ve tried it. Roll ons, powders, creams, sprays.

Dove deodorant Bionsen Triple Dry

Nope, nope, nope


I’d considered all types of things that could be causing my resistance to antiperspirants. Was I using too much or too little product? Was the aluminium in products causing the failure? Was it an over-active thyroid, my diet, my hormones? Well, I managed to rule all of these factors out and then took to Twitter to ask for advice.

The gorgeous Brooke from across the seas recommended Lush’s The Greeench powder deodorant combined with a touch of men’s deodorant. So, off I took to Lush.

The Greeench deodorant LUSH

I used mine with a new cosmetic face sponge, which isn’t included with The Greeench purchase.


When I first started using it, it really seemed like it was working and I was so bloody happy. All the reviews said it was worth the money as it worked and lasted so long because of it’s powder form. Its’ scent is tea-tree, very fresh and ‘green’ smelling, which I really liked.

Alas, a couple of days in a hot office really put The Greeench to the test. And it failed, horrendously.

Back to the search – but not for long. I was in the gym with my friend and he said he’d recommend Mitchum as a good antiperspirant. I used Mitchum sticks years ago and they were awful with a capital A. Despite this, I went to Boots and picked myself up a roll-on, hoping the different format might work this time.

mitchum deodorant

Not expecting anything, I applied Mitchum, toddled off to work, and you know what? It effin’ worked. I thought it must be a fluke. Honestly. I just thought, “ahh it’s not a hot day, that’s why”. Fast forward to today. I’ve been through a last week at work, a blogging event, a house and city move, and it is still holding up better than anything in the history of the world ever. For me, anyway.

I don’t usually like roll-ons as I find they exacerbate any wetness and can leave me sticky. Whilst it is a bit sticky, it soon neutralises and dries and is a very comfortable wear. The scent is also very pleasing, but I wouldn’t particularly care what it smelled like at this point, so it’s a welcome bonus.

So, if you suffer like me, get down to your nearest shop and give Mitchum a whirl! I 10000000% recommend it.

What other anti-perspirants should I have in the back of my mind in case Mitchum ever lets me down?!

R xo 


5 thoughts on “I’ve found the best deodorant EVER!

  1. I hope the Mitchum continues to work for you. I found Sure Cotton Fresh spray to be excellent (“Sure won’t let you down”) although I’ve been using the roll on for about 5 years now. I still have a can of spray for particularly warm days though.

    Good luck! 😀

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  2. I got excited from the picture that you were going to say the Lush one worked! I struggle with getting deodrants that work but like you, Mitchum works. The only thing is I’m cruelty free & Mitchum’s parent company isn’t, so it’s a bit problematic. I tried co-op’s own one…steer WELL clear of that one it didn’t work for me. x


    • I was so disappointed Emily! But so glad I found Mitchum in the end. Oh no – I try my best to be cruelty free, this sucks 😦 I will still keep looking and do a follow-up if I find anything …

      Rhi xo


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