Newcastle and Retro Bingo Night!

Retro Bingo!

Bingo. Cheesy tunes. Poker chips. Alcohol. Prizes. I think I could don that the perfect night, dontcha think?

The only way to top it was to first spend the day with some of my favourite gals – Beca, Laura and Rachel.

We firstly spent a great deal of time at Space NK, and then the MAC counter, before moving onto Las Iguanas for a very good lunch and cocktails – which we would absolutely recommend to everyone!

diptyque space nk

Before the event started, Laura and Beca took me to Central Arcade to shoot my first ever outfit pictures…which was so hard! I felt so wooden and silly posing. Props to all of you who can pose brilliantly in front of the camera for outfit shots week in week out – I’ve got a long way to go. Needless to say, Laura and Beca are absolute superb in front of the camera.

central arcade newcastle

central arcade newcastle

central arcade newcastle

central arcade newcastle

We headed to the Jazz Cafe in Newcastle city centre, which was a lovely venue both upstairs and downstairs. Upstairs, we were given poker chips to claim drinks from the bar and we soon settled down for a few rounds of retro bingo. Retro bingo is a bit different from the norm – instead of listening out for numbers, you listen out for song intros and mark them off as you hear them. Yep that’s right. 70s, 80s, 90s and modern day tracks were blasted out, and we all sighed every time a cracking track was switched to the next..

We had a winner 5 times over in the form of Beca, who won tonnes of stuff. I, however, won a super soaker water gun. Jealous?

You can read more about the night here!

bgo retro bingo night



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