Not another Magnitone Lucid review

Well. I’m afraid I might have lured you here under false pretences. This is another Magnitone Lucid review, but I promise what I’ve got to say will only take a few minutes.

For anyone who’s been off the radar and doesn’t know what a Magnitone Lucid is, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! These things have been buzzing (ha, see what I did there?) around the blogosphere for quite some time now, and with good reason, too. 

This is what one looks like. It is basically a big electric toothbrush for your face.

magnitone lucid 2

The Magnitone Lucid brush is a daily facial cleansing and exfoliation brush designed to unclog pores and improve the brightness and clarity of skin. It aims to do this with its vibrating brush head, moving over 10,000 times per minute.

Magnitone promise that if you use the brush for just 7 days, you will be left with visibly softer, brighter and clearer skin. Has anything ever cleared your skin in just a week?


You only need to use this brush for 1 minute in your cleansing routine. The brush beeps each time you need to move from your forehead, to your cheeks, and finally to your nose and mouth. Handy, huh? I’ve been using this brush for around 2 weeks, which means that I’ve only spent 14 minutes cleansing my face.

magnitone lucid 5

YES, it works. And you know I’d never lie to you. My skin genuinely looks brighter after using the Lucid each time. At first, it did bring spots to the surface as it has to to be able to unclog your pores. But since that, my skin has behaved remarkably well. The only thing that has brought on any spots has been my menstrual cycle (groan).

I use the brush with either Una Brennan’s Superfacialist or Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish. Both work fine, but I recently swapped to the latter since I’m finding that the brush head stays quite oily after use when using the Superfacialist oil, despite washing it. However, I will be getting some new brush heads so that I can continue to use the brush.

magnitone lucid 3

magnitone lucid 6

Also – the brush is waterproof so can be used in the shower. And has a magnetic charger that is very portable. It basically does everything you could want it to do.

Does this sound like something you’d like to introduce into your skincare routine? You’re in luck – I have a 20% code for my readers to use – BLOVE20 – just clicker HERE! 

Rhi xo

*I was sent this Magnitone Lucid for free for review, but I promise that everything written is 100% my own opinion! 🙂

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