I adore Croatia

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I last posted. Some of you might have seen on Twitter that I’ve been having some problems with my computer/browsers/Wordpress (I’m still none the wiser at the time of writing!) so I haven’t been able to draft posts or upload pictures, or do much at all really. Which is really frustrating when you plan a day of writing and scheduling posts…anyway…

In July, Chris and I jetted off to the wonderful Dalamtian Coast in Croatia to enjoy our long-awaited holiday in the town of Split. I’ve been to Croatia before and was SO excited for Chris to see it and fall in love with it the same way I did (he did). Today I thought I’d share some of the snaps I took while there, so that you can see just how beautiful a place Croatia is. I recently guest posted for Danni on Gingerbread Smiles about Croatia, so if you fancy having a nosey at why I think Croatia is the best holiday destination (it includes Game of Thrones…) then head on over there.

I don’t want to write you a long post on what we did as the pictures speak for themselves (plus, technology problems), so here follows some pictures from my camera. I think I’ll probably do my Iphone pictures separately (thanks, technology).

Croatia Split Cat

There were cats everywhere, and we even discovered some tiny little kittens. The locals feed and looks after the little critters but they live outside. Perfect cat-lady holiday destination.

Croatia Split Hajduk Graffiti

Hajduk is the football club of Split and their badge is emblazoned everywhere in the town. This was some particularly artsy graffiti which we loved.

Croatia Split White Cross Mountain

This white cross was atop a mountain we climbed (for no apparent reason, Chris got us lost).

Croatia The Sky Envelops The Beauty

Written on the post of a cafe on top of previously mentioned mountain. The views were incredible. Apt quote.

Black and White Couple Croatia

Grgur Ninski Croatia

The statue of Grgur Ninski is huge! It’s said that if you rub his left foot, you will get good luck.

Croatia Diocletians Palace

Some architecture of Diocletian’s Palace.

Crotia Split Harbour

Split’s harbour is beautiful to walk across both day and night.

Mountain Cafe Croatia Split

Aforementioned mountaintop cafe with stunning views of the town and beyond.

Croatian Konoba Split

We ate in this traditional ‘konoba’ restaurant. It was so quaint and pretty.

Croatia Split

Croatia Top of Belltower Diocletian's Palace

At the top of the Belltower of Diocletian’s Palace.

Split Croatia Water Fountain Hand

This hand habitually spouted water into a bowl a few metres away from it.

Diocletians Palace Split

Diocletian’s Palace.

Croatia Santa

Santa is from Croatia, dontcha know? We saw this guy all over the place. I had to get a sneaky shot of him.

What do you reckon? Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Rhi xo


14 thoughts on “I adore Croatia

  1. Looks beautiful. We went to Croatia last summer for the first time — my sister got married in Dubrovnik, the most incredible setting. Of course, now I want to visit the rest of the country!


    • Wow, getting married in Croatia sounds like the absolute dream! I bet it was incredible. I know what you mean, I want to go everywhere, there’s literally so much to see! Be sure to stick around for a part 2 on this, I’ll be uploading more pictures 🙂

      Rhi xo


  2. I love Croatia! I’ve been to Dubrovnik and the plitvice lakes, both different but absolutely breathtaking places.

    Such an underrated country, I’m desperate to return. Your photos look amazing too 🙂


    • Ohh man, we were going to go to Plitvice but they were too far away for a day trip. We did however go to Krka Waterfalls, which was outstanding. Thanks so much for saying so! Hope you can stick around for a part 2 on this, I’ll be uploading more pictures 🙂

      Rhi xo


    • Ahhh you’ve explored more than me! Was that as part of one trip or separate trips? I wanna go back and do it all, especially to the Blue Cave to swim. Thanks so much lovely. I’ll be doing a follow up post with my iphone pics so come back for that 😉

      Rhi xo


      • No, it was in two separate trips- Eastern Europe is so underrated so most of my trips abroad in the last few years have been over that way! We were staying in Koper/Portorož in Slovenia a few years ago which is a quick trip round the coast to Pula/Poreč in Croatia (and also Trieste in Italy) so we visited them as day trips. I went to Dubrovnik last year, and visited Bosnia on the same trip too as it’s so close it’s almost rude not to haha. If you’re interested, my posts from Croatia/Bosnia last year are on the second page of this tag on my blog http://www.ginandginger.co.uk/search/label/travel 🙂 xx


      • Definitely tagging this to read! We were going to Bosnia (I love the whole former Yugoslav region, I did my dissertation on some of it and studied it all through my degree) when we were there this year but we couldn’t really afford it and so have decided to leave it for another holiday to take it in properly )

        Rhi xo


  3. I’ve come to the realisation that I need to visit Croatia. Time to save! It looks amazing, such lovely photos. I love the kitten photo purely because I’m a complete cat lady!
    Flo x


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