How to use Pinterest for your blog, by Pinterest

We’ve all seen the influx of posts recently, giving us tips on how to use Pinterest for our blogs, haven’t we? To be honest, I’ve largely ignored them as (up until really recently) I’ve only ever really used Pinterest for personal use. Y’know, the whole ‘this is what I want my house to look like’, and ‘workouts I will one day do, promise’ boards. I usually pin my blogposts, but that’s about as far as I went.

However, last week I was invited to a Pinterest event by Pinterest themselves. Even my mam was excited, she loves it (she also calls it Pin-interest, she’s a babe). I wasn’t entirely sure what the event would incorporate, but it was basically an hour and a half intensive lesson on how to use Pinterest, BY Pinterest.

Pinterest 1  Pinterest 3Lovely Lizzie from Pinterest.

I’ve rounded up the best tips and advice we all got from Lizzie as I think it was a really worthwhile and handy workshop that all bloggers could learn from!

Using Pinterest for your blog

FIRSTLY, there were some ‘myths’ and misconceptions that Lizzie wanted to dispel.

– Pinterest is NOT a social media platform. It is a discovery platform

#Hashtags DO NOT work on Pinterest – so don’t bother using them!

– Follower count is not a great measure of success or popularity on Pinterest

– There is no ‘right time’ to pin

Commenting on pins is basically useless – and if you do it too much, Pinterest will block you!

‘Pin it to win it’ type competitions are against the terms of service. These skew search results as the pins are not organic.

Interesting huh?

Things that are important to do to grow your audience

  • Categorise your boards
  • Edit your pin descriptions – you might be pinning an image for a different reason than someone else – ultimately, this helps the ‘discovery’ function of Pinterest which makes it a better site for us all
  • When you can, pin portrait images from your blog instead of horizontal – these do much better
  • Enable Rich Pins
  • Stop naming your boards like this: ‘I N T E R I O R’. It might look pretty, but nobody will be able to find your boards and pins.

Make your pins pinnable

  • Give your pins detailed descriptions
  • List posts do extremely well on Pinterest
  • Only pin good quality pictures
  • Text overlay on pictures is a really good way to capture the eye

ow to name your blog photos


  • And, speaking of those text overlay pictures, you can hide them in your original blogposts with code. This means that if people pin your post, the hidden picture will come up in the range of images you can pin, but won’t clog up your blogpost! I’ve even done it in this post – see if you can find it by pinning this post!

And one more thing…

Find out what is being pinned from your blog by going to:

and type in your own website address where ‘url’ is.

I really hope that this post helps you to use Pinterest to it’s far-reaching potential! Let me know what you think!

Rhi xo

How to use Pinterest for your blog


6 thoughts on “How to use Pinterest for your blog, by Pinterest

  1. Rhi thank you for such an informative post! Every day’s a school day and i’m off to make some adjustments to my pinterest boards! xx


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