Paww-fect Lunch: Mog On The Tyne, Cat Cafe in Newcastle

I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but one day the stars aligned and my luck was in: Newcastle opened its very own cat cafe.

Mog on The Tyne is housed down one of Newcastle’s little side streets, so quirkily named ‘Pudding Chare’. I booked online for me, Chris and Chris’s mam to go down on a Friday afternoon – booking online in advance is crucial as they currently have no drop-in spaces for a few weeks!

Mog On The Tyne 1

Cafe front: I LOVE the painted block letters and the kitty image that adorns most of the window.

So, how does it work?

Understandably, people have lots of questions about a cafe that has 10 cats running about in it whilst people eat. How does it actually work?

You book in and have an hour in the cafe. This way, the little furry little critters have little chance of escaping when there are pre-arranged entries and exits. It also ensures that everyone gets their fair share of the furry babes. When you enter, you’ll be asked to remove your shoes, and some slippers are provided should you want to wear them! I thought this was great – this is for practical reasons, but it felt so homely to be offered slippers.

Once you’re in, your orders will be taken. Then, you have the rest of your hour to spend stroking and playing with the cats. It’s such a great space inside; it’s catered perfectly for both cats and humans!

mog on the tyneAs you can see, the space is filled with fun kitty apparatus. I particularly love the bridge hanging from the ceiling!

You’re asked not to pick the cats up, but to let them come to you if they so wish. I really liked this guidance, as even though they are obviously the stars of the cafe, they are allowed to get on and do their own thing without being manhandled by loads of different people every day.

Overall, the cafe definitely lived up to my expectations. It’s got a wonderful atmosphere – you end up talking to the rest of the customers as you try and coax one of the little’uns out of the cat tunnel or out of one of their boxes. It’s a really friendly place and as you can see below, their hot chocolates are gorgeous too.

It’s £5 per person to visit Mog On The Tyne which I feel is reasonable, especially when their food and drinks are priced so fairly (P.S. all food is prepared off premises, for the health and safety conscious of you out there!). The entrance fee goes towards the cats welfare – vets, food, care etc.

Am I going to go again? Hell yes I am. I’d love to visit again when the cats are even more used to having people around and the kittens are a little bigger! I’m thinking my mam would love a trip when she visits…

Anyway, enough from me – enjoy some of the pictures I took below! Cue your ‘awwwwww’s!!!

Mog On The TyneFirst, the drinks. Those marshmallows were spot on. We also had some lunch – panini, baguette, and quiche, followed by some cake. Yummeh.

Mog On The TyneGinge, you broke my heart with your gorgeous little face.


Mog On The TyneJust a big ‘un and a little’un having a cuddle.

Mog On The TyneIndividual polaroids of all of the cats.

Mog On The Tyne“What yee deein’ coming near my tunnel eh?!”

Mog On The TyneSometimes you just need to sleep with your back legs in front of your face.

Let me know if you have any other questions, or if you’re planning to visit!

Rhi xo


19 thoughts on “Paww-fect Lunch: Mog On The Tyne, Cat Cafe in Newcastle

  1. I was so excited to hear that a Cat Cafe was opening in Newcastle, I’ve been dying to go! I’ve always wanted a cat but my mum isn’t the biggest fan of them so this is so puuurfect for me (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist haha!)

    Your photos are so lovely! It looked like you had a fantastic time 🙂 I love how they let the cats be themselves and let them come to you as well!

    Becki, xo


  2. What great photos, those paws are so cute! I went last Monday and loved every minute. It was a lovely experience, everyone was very welcoming and the atmosphere was fab. And the cats? Well, what can I say, absolutely adorable! Can’t think of a better way to spend an hour – great food, delicious coffee and cuddly kitties! Can’t wait for my next visit on 20th😺 Thanks, Dawn


  3. We had a lovely visit today. Great food and coffee . I even had one of the cats sitting on my lap. Can’t wait for my next visit


  4. Oooh I didn’t know there was a cat cafe in Newcastle! I’d heard there was one opening on the quayside but I think it’s a different one! I’ll have to check this out it looks so cute.


  5. I didn’t know there was already a cat cafe in Newcastle! I’d heard there was one opening but I think it’s a different one! I’ll have to check this one out it looks so cute 🙂


  6. I have worked in Japan and know exactly what all this is about. Hope to get booked in with my sister and her friend on my birthday in October. I have a message for Tokyo san…oh yasumi nasia


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