A letter to my metabolism

As I near the ripe old age of 25, I swear I can physically feel my metabolism creaking and wheezing. It’s pleading with me to ease its suffering, to just STOP with the nachos. I’m sorry metabolism, but you really are quite the bitch and I don’t like you anymore. You’ve not been faithful to me, not one bit. Yeah, alright, you were there with me through uni, through the 3 or 4 nights a week where we’d go into town together and down ‘trebles 4 singles’ like they were going out of fashion, and eat chips and gravy on the way home. You were there. You held up pretty good. You were there through the essay binges, the society socials, and the dissertation chronicles. You babe.

What happened, gurl? What did I do to make you hate me? I know, I could’ve treated you better. But I’m weak. You could’ve cut me some slack. Graduate life wasn’t easy you know, you could’ve been kinder.

But now we are where we are, at an impasse. You’re not what you used to be, and neither am I. I’m vowing to treat you better, and in turn, I’m hoping you will love me again. Neither of us want these 2 extra stones, do we?

Yep, I’m over here, talking to a bodily function. It’s true though, I’ve neglected my body and maybe that’s due to an over-reliance on my once speedy metbolism. I’m carrying an extra two stones since uni. Like whuuuut.

I’ve been trying to change things up. It’s not so much the weight that bothers me, it’s the fact I can’t fit into some of my clothes and I can feel that I’m generally broader. I’m never going to give up bread, or pasta or anything that I enjoy eating (in moderation). You won’t see me replacing a tortilla wrap with a piece of lettuce like I see suggested on Pinterest so often. But that doesn’t mean I can’t try new things to shake up my diet – and that’s what I’ve been doing.

Covent Garden Soups

Chicken soup covent gardenThese soups came recommended to me by my galpal Joanna from Teacups & Trainers as a good lunch choice. I’ve tried Chicken, and Goan Chicken and Spiced Lentils so far, and the latter is my fave. They come in cartons as pictured above which are handy. I usually only have half a carton for a lunchtime with a bit of bread which I find is plenty. They’re surprisingly filling and are definitely a good break from our old faithful cream of tomato.

A letter to my metabolism

Hari Ghotra Tikka Masala

I don’t even know where to start with how good this curry was. Yeah I know, curry isn’t exactly what we picture when we think of ‘healthy’ foods, but this one came with all its own fresh ingredients and spices. Counts for sumin, right?

Hari Ghotra Tikka Masala

Hari Ghotra Tikka Masala

Bags 1-4 were included in the kit, so as you can see, I had to buy some extra ingredients to make this curry but it was totally worth it. Hari’s curry kits retail at just £3.50 each which is hella reasonable and you could absolutely taste the difference. (Plus, they come in such small packages, with everything you need in them – method, ingredients, bags of spices – they take up no room in your cupboard!). Chris cooked the curry for me, his mam and himself and said that it’s really easy to cook and follow the instructions on the pack (yeah it serves four but we’ll ignore that, kay?). It turned out a lot drier than the average tikka masala you’d get in a restaurant or out of a jar, but that didn’t affect the dish at all. It was gorgeous – you could taste so many different flavours in each mouthful. I’ll definitely be adding these to our grocery shop again.

 Exante Products

I’d never used diet products before being sent this mixture of products and I had mixed feelings towards what these packets contained.

Exante Diet Products 1

Mains: sweet and sour noodles, Indian style curry with rice, sausage mix. Desserts: gooey salted caramel pudding, maple syrup flavour pancakes, hazelnut milkshake. Snacks: chocolate orange cereal bar, toffee, nut and raisin cereal bar, chocolate coconut bar.

Firstly, I wasn’t expecting these products to taste like…well, your average plate of food. These are diet products after all. The first package I tried was the Indian style curry and rice one lunchtime – and I was actually pleasantly surprised. No, it wasn’t very curry-esque, but to me it tasted like a Pot Noodle or similar. Yup, I’m on board with that. Next up was the sweet and sour noodles. The texture of these completely put me off, and thus I couldn’t eat them. Very sort of crumbly and grainy. I had more luck with the snacks – the chocolate orange and toffee bars were alright and I’d certainly pick up a few to have as a snack. However, the milkshake (which I thought would be a done deal) disappointed me. It was overwhelmingly nutty, and I know it’s ‘hazelnut’ flavoured, but it just wasn’t for me.

Overall, the Exante products were a bit hit and miss; I’d eat the snacks again, but would probably avoid the main meals.

I’m still on the lookout for new foods to perk up my metabolism – I’m so picky, though. It’s an absolute pain in the bottom, and I’d love your suggestions if you have any. Me and my girl metabolism would love ya forevs.

Rhi xo

*I was sent some products for review but you’ll only find honest opinions and views over here!


4 thoughts on “A letter to my metabolism

  1. Love this post and I can really sympathise with you on the whole metabolism slowing up. Oh we’ve had words, believe you me! I’ve upped my water intake recently which has helped with keeping me full. Do you like savoury snacks? This may sound like a weird one but I love making up a huge batch of roasted chickpeas with a BBQ flavouring or spices and they keep me going like nothing else.

    I have absolutely no self restraint when it comes to nice food in my cupboards. Like if I buy treats on Saturday shopping day, they’re gone by Sunday. So my top tip would don’t have naughty treats in the house if you don’t want to eat them.
    Flo x


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