On being unemployed

I’m aware that it’s been a really long time since I wrote anything up to date about my life. I think the last thing I wrote about was quitting smoking and running a marathon, but recent updates? Nadda.

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know a bit about my situation as of late. At the end of May, I left my job in York, and Chris and I moved to Newcastle. We did this for a number of reasons (houses and rents are cheaper, Chris finished university {with a 2:1, eeeee!}, I wasn’t enjoying my job), yet people still looked at me with incredulity at the notion of me leaving my job without another to go to. I had lived in York for 6 years, and we wanted to begin a new part of our lives somewhere else.

People would literally look at me in horror. Even though it could be quite offensive, and not to mention insensitive, I can understand why. We all know what the job market is like for us so-called ‘youngsters’. But Chris and I had made the decision to move 6 months previously, we knew what we were getting ourselves into, and we had time to save for the period that we knew was going to be difficult and financially tight. We hadn’t made the decision lightly at all – York is probably my most favourite place in the world, and leaving it wasn’t easy.

Anyone who’s ever been unemployed knows how hard it is to sit and apply and apply over and over again. To no avail. Most of the time, you get radio silence from the organisations you’ve applied to. Not even a generic ‘soz, we don’t want you’ email. Nice. With each application, I’ve taken time to curate my CV or application form to the standard I think necessary for the job. It takes hours. When you spend so long writing about how brilliant you are or could be and yet nobody is willing to give you a shot…isn’t it hard not to think the complete opposite? To question all of the decisions you’ve made thus far, whether they’ve been good for you in the long run? Definitely.

There are upsides to unemployment: all the Netflix, day trips whenever we want, not getting out of bed at the crack of dawn, and duvet days aplenty. We get to see a lot of C’s grandparents and I have more time for my hobbies. But beneath all of that, I’d do anything to have a job. My old job did not suit me at all, and I’m glad I’m not there anymore – but, I sorely miss the sense of purpose and structure it gave my life.

Through all of this, though, I’ve met some absolutely amazing people – people I know will be lifelong friends. Laura, Beca, and Rach are the gals I met on Twitter when trying to get to know the North East blogger community a bit more, and then in real life. We talk every day – it’s been years since I had a group of friends like this and I am so grateful for them having my back and being the best gurrrrlgang a girl could ask for. I’m also part of a ‘Long Distance BFF’ Whatsapp group with Kathy, Jess, Rach, Tara and Katherine – something I don’t think I’d be a part of had I not had a lot more time to be online and talk about issues we all like to talk about, y’know, periods, sex, feminism… (While you’re here, please visit Zusterschap for all your feminist reads). I’m so glad to have all these gals for support.


I know that I will find a job – something I love, enjoy, something I’m excited to get up for in the morning. I know that I’ll most likely forget how all of this felt once I’m back into a job and doing something I love and keeping busy every day.

I wanted to write this out so that I could put things into perspective and realise that while things aren’t all bad, that I am allowed to feel down and miserable – but only if I shake myself off after a while and remind myself that I am employable, and that this whole plan was worth the leap, for the both of us.

Rhi xo


13 thoughts on “On being unemployed

  1. I think it was really brave to leave something you don’t like to go and start fresh somewhere new. Many people would just stay where they were for the security so I think it’s really admirable. Keep your chin up, something awesome will come up and it’ll be great! x


    • Aw, Em, thank you my love. That’s so lovely and encouraging for you to say. We knew this wasn’t going to be easy, but we knew we had to do it while we have no ‘responsibilities’. Thanks again darling.

      Rhi xo


  2. I hope you find something soon! I’m actually moving to Newcastle from down near Liverpool tomorrow so I know how scary it is! Good luck in your job hunting

    Brianne xo


  3. Good luck Rhi! Everything happens for a reason and I am sure life has the most amazing job just waiting around the corner for you 🙂 keep positive, you never know what life has planned for you xx


  4. Good luck on your job hunt! I am in the exact same boat, I left my PR job back in may as I literally hated it and had enough, luckily I had 8hours of retail a week to fall back on, and there is upsides like netflix and hobbys but I do miss the structure! Luckily I have decided its time for a refresh and hopefully will be going back into education this september to retrain and also had more time to focus on my blog! I wish you lots of luck on the job hunt, but I fully believe everything happens for a reason, the perfect job will come along soon! ❤


    • Go you, Sian! So glad to hear of someone else doing it, too. Makes me a little less anxious about the future. Amazing that you’re going back to education – really impressed. Thanks lovely lady.

      Rhi xo


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  6. I enjoyed this post! You definitely will find work – you probably have already, this was back in August (yep, having a very good nosy round the blog!). A positive attitude is all you need. Also, I was met with similar incredulity when I informed people I was popping over to Australia for a year and had no job to go into – but it all worked out fine!


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