A Welsh Diary

Travelling back home to Wales happens less often than I’d like. Before last week, I hadn’t seen some of my closest family since Christmas, which is so long ago. Last weekend it was my mam’s 60th birthday, and I couldn’t wait to get back for the best part of a week.
6 days in Wales looked a bit like this…

Arriving to the biggest cwtch from my beautiful niece : being adorned with various pictures she’d made for my arrival : heart bursting joy to see my dogs and cats : realising how much kids grow up in just 8 months : covert banner making / covert picking up of the cake : late night streamer hanging & balloon blowing : Harry Potter cluedo games, “WELCOME TO HOGWARTS!”, and definitely no cheating : a birthday breakfast – including foam shrimps & bananas, a staple : a bucks fizz cork causing a crack in the ceiling : watching mam open her cards & presents – ‘surprise, we’re going on vacation’ : whisking mam off for afternoon tea : that banner hung up on the railings outside the village : a slight detour for the best chips & curry sauce in the universe {also my everyday diet in secondary school} : unwanted rain, does the sky know it’s August? : playing cards against humanity with mam….. : Penarth sea-glass collecting : sausage & chips on the sea front :

mam's birthday cake

mam's cards

ice creams penarth pier

scott cat

Caerphilly mountain

60 hanging sign

love hanging sign

bailey cat

harry potter cluedo

afternoon tea

Penarth promenade

Penarth pier

Penarth beach

I miss the hills already.

Rhi xo


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