Five Minute Book Review: The Sudden Departure of the Frasers

By Louise Candlish

This is a real page-turner of a book. I finished it in 2 days – which isn’t unlike me, but for something I hadn’t picked up myself, I was surprised.

the sudden departure of the frasers louise candlish

I actually won this book in a competition on Twitter, and I have to say, it’s probably not something I’d have chosen to buy myself. However, the synopsis on the back cover of the book is very intriguing, and so I chucked it in my suitcase for the trip down to Wales.

I love, love, love the format of the book. It’s narrated by 2 separate characters, Christy and Amber, two women who, at different points, live in the same house on Lime Park Road.

The story goes a bit like this:

Amber and Jeremy Fraser were the very popular new residents of Lime Park Road. Their neighbours adored them; Amber, especially, is glamorous, entertaining, and charismatic – they couldn’t wish for any better couple. They brought a new energy to the street, and it soon feels as if they’d lived there for years. But then they up and leave, very suddenly (as the title suggests!) and without a word to anyone. Weird, huh? Enter Christy and Joe Davenport. They buy the Fraser’s house for a tiny percentage of what the house is worth and they feel like they’ve made it; they’ve landed their dream home for what is basically pennies. However, as Christy begins to introduce herself to her new neighbours, she is met with an icy reception, and nobody will answer her questions about why the Frasers moved so hastily. And why does everyone hate their next door neighbour, Rob?

Candlish does a great job of creating and sustaining suspense throughout the book, something which I find rare in books of this genre. I flitted back and forth from different theories in my head so many times, which kept me head-deep in this book for 2 days.

Christy does – eventually – discover why the Frasers left like they did. But, is Amber a reliable narrator? I guess you should find out…

{I’m not going to reveal what I thought of the ending as I feel like it might give too much away!}

What do you think, would you give this book a go?

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Rhi xo

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