50 of my happy things

Hey everyone! This is definitely a post for a Monday if I ever knew one.

50 things that make me happy

Today I’ve woken up feeling really sick, despite going to bed last night with my head filled with visions of all the productivity that would occur today. Mondays aren’t the most motivating at the best of times – but there really is nothing like waking up feeling ill to sap it all out of you. HOWEVER, I’m determined not to let this get in the way of the things I can do from the comfort of my bed, with a little kitten critter called Flint snuggled in right next to me for moral support/company/cuddles that are too tight for his liking.

The gorrrrrgeous Suzy from Eeep I’m a blogger tagged me in this frankly BRILLIANT post. There are so many blogging tags that go around, but I just had to do this one straight away because it’s designed to be so very full of positivity, gratefulness and mindfulness.

So here are my 50 things!

(I wrote them out so that I could keep them and look at them when I’m having a mare of a day…)

50 happy things

50 happy things

50 happy things

50 happy things

50 happy things

50 happy things

50 happy things blog post>

I’m not done yet! I’m tagging some beautiful people to do this tag too:

Emily of The Bell Jar  Alice of Alice’s Wonder EmporiumVix of Vix Meldrew Emmie of Carpe Diem EmmieHannah of Oh January

Let me know what makes you happy!

Rhi xo


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