Let them eat cake

I’ll be upfront with you from the start. I’m not the biggest fan of cake.

Heinous words, to some of you, I’m sure. I’ve just always preferred a savoury snack over a sweet one (all them beigey carbs, am I right?), and sometimes I find cake really bland and boring. Chuck me a packet of Walkers, mind, and I’m your gal.

That being said, when a cake is done right, I’m all over it. Do any of you remember when IKEA sold Princess cakes? Let me refresh your memories with a picture of the green, marzipan-d, creamed, jammy, cakey goodness.

princess cake ikeasource

I’m not kidding, I’m salivating just looking at that picture. I’M DIGRESSING.

ANYWAY. When I saw reviews of the Bakerdays cakes on other blogs, I thought it was a reeeeeallly cool idea, but it probably didn’t appeal to me as much as it did to other people because of my aforementioned cake-ambivalence. Lots of people seemed to be getting them personalised to their blogs which was really cool and groovy. But when Bakerdays got in touch, I had an idea: Chris had just heard that he had got a new job. Surely that deserves a celebratory cake? Well, duh.

When it came, it was packaged so inconspicuously and neatly that it could’ve been a book or a DVD. You’d think for a cake being sent through the post that it would require reams of packaging and loads of ‘hey, this is a cake, don’t drop me pls’ notices, but I genuinely didn’t know what it was until I opened it.

Bakerdays cake review

The cake comes packaged in a tin, with clear instructions on how to get it out without damaging the integrity of the cake. It’s also packaged up with balloons, candles, a card, and a party blower. Talk about the fine touches – I LOVED these little extras.

Bakerdays cake review

As you can see, I personalised the cake with Chris’s name – a brilliant touch. The cake itself was incredibly moist, and the icing just perfect. There was enough for me, Chris, and his parents to have a slice. Yep, this was a cake I actually wanted more of.

Bakerdays cake review

I would absolutely order from Bakerdays in the future. The cake I received would have cost £14.99 in total, which you might think is a tad steep for a small 5 inch cake. But let’s consider what you’re actually getting for £14.99.

You’re getting a unique personalised cake (photos, names, designs). You’re getting that cake delivered directly through your door. You’re getting little extras, which in my view, completely top off the product. You’re also getting that ‘novelty’ factor.

For loved ones who live away, for the surprise factor, or just for something different, these cakes are absolutely smashing. Thank you, Bakerdays!

Competition time

Click on the rafflecopter link below to enter – Good luck!


*Terms and conditions: Open to UK residents only. One winner will win one letterbox cake, sent to the winner via BakerDays. I am not responsible for sending the prize out. Once the winner has been chosen, I will put the winner and Bakerdays in contact! This competition closes on 23rd September 2015.

*The cake above was sent to me for review, free of charge. All views, as ever, are only my own.


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