Feminist Wishlist

I am forever pinning. I am a pinning junkie. I actually can’t stop.

Pinterest, as you’ll probably know, is so good for storing ideas to come back to at a later date. If I’m in need of some outfit inspiration, I’ll flick through my fashion board and see what gems I’ve pinned. I’m planning my life’s holidays on ‘travel’ boards too. Basically, Pinterest is life.

But I also use Pinterest for more than just my #OOTD inspo and pictures of the most adorable dogs that you just want to pick up and squeeze and kiss and yeah… I use it to store yoga workouts, career tips, and importantly, feminist articles/pictures/quotes/inspiration.

And more often than not, I am pinning items that I’m pineing after – think t-shirts, prints, etc. Well, I thought I’d share some of my absolute faves with you today. Plus – bonus – it’s my birthday (quite) soon, so I’ve left the links to all the items so that you can obviously buy them and send them to me. I’m a size M and I’ve got an iPhone 5c. Ta.

feminist wishlistL-R row 1: Pro-choice/cats/feminism t-shirt, feminist print, smash the patriarchy wreath

L-R, row 2: Feminist phone case, feminism heart t-shirt, calm down print

L-R row 3: Feminist with a to-do list badge, cats against catcalls print, feminism/witch/cat lady t-shirt

So there you have it. A feminist wishlist. What do you make of the items above?

Rhi xo



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