DIY: How to make blackboard magnets

Today I, Fiona of North East Nerd, am hijacking Rhiân’s blog because that lucky devil is going away for a week! She wanted me to share something crafty and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to play with magnets and mess with blackboard paint, so here is a really easy DIY on making blackboard fridge magnets!
blackboard magnets 1

What you’ll need:
  • Coasters
  • Blackboard Paint
  • Sandpaper
  • Superglue
  • Neodymium Magnets
  • Chalk
  • Decorative gems or a Frame (optional)

Most of the items I was able to get at Wilkos for less than £10, the only thing I had delivered to home was the neodymium magnets because I actually don’t know where I’d buy those on the highstreet.

The first thing to do is to put down some newspaper or a protective surface so you don’t get black paint everywhere. I don’t want angry emails from peoples’ mums because of a DIY-disaster. Once you’ve got a safe crafty area, paint the either side of the coasters (I did the back) in the special blackboard paint then let that dry.

Make sure to get the edges too if you’re not planning on covering those with washi tape or a frame. You should give it as many layers as you think it needs and the sandpaper is there just in case to smooth it over. I did one layer.

blackboard magnets 2

Next, it’s time to stick on those magnets. Flip the coaster and don’t freak out if your back is messy. That will never be seen by human eyes (hopefully). Using the superglue, carefully stick as many magnets as you think it needs. Now the ones I used have some serious pull, but I still decided to go for 2 magnets per coaster. Press them firmly in place, then put the kettle on to give them time to be well and truly stuck on.

Before gluing I would recommend checking to make sure they a) stick to your fridge and b) see if both sides stick or just one, I would hate for you to glue the wrong side. Mine would stick on both sides, as I assumed all magnets would but better safe than sorry.

blackboard magnets 3

Now is the fun bit! At this point, they are little chalkboard magnets so you could stop and put them on your fridge. However, I was distracted by shiny things and decided to use these little decorative gem flowers for decoration in the corner. You can use whatever you like to decorate it, I’d even originally wanted really beautiful ornate frames with gold leaf, but I just couldn’t find one small enough to frame a coaster. Washi tape, glitter, or whatever you get your hands on:

blackboard magnets 4

I went a little bit mad with the sticking of the flowers, I’ll be honest, They were too cute and shiny for me to resist. The final step is more of a reminder to buy chalk, because otherwise your blackboard magnet is going to be blank. It might be worth investing in good chalk too, I am not too impressed with my 50p chalk pack.

blackboard magnets 5

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