The perfect capsule wardrobe for a UK holiday (in autumn!)

I’m a big fan of packing, in all its forms. Whether it’s packing up a house to move (I’m so used to this, with 6 moves in 6 years), packing up the car for a long journey, or packing for a holiday, I’m all over it. Think of the lists that come with this process! You’ve got ‘to take’ lists, ‘to buy’ lists…it’s organisation central and I bladdy love it. There’s just something so cosy and comforting about gathering what you’ll need for some nights away from home and sticking them in a bag, off you go.

cats in the rain

What I think will happen to me on every hot-country holiday… (source)

I’ve been on my fair share of holidays these past couple of years, and it’s always occurred to me how much I take and how much of it I don’t actually use – clothes-wise, of course. I’m definitely one to pack for every eventuality, even when the weather forecast promises me a week of sunshine, or a week of rain. There could legit be a blizzard in Croatia in June, okay?

Last month, Chris and I went to St Ives with his family. I know, a UK holiday in September doesn’t really scream ‘ get the bikinis out’, but we went on the same week last year, and the weather was too good to be true. I’d packed jumpers, layers, jeans, and it was absolutely boiling, to the point where we had to buy shorts and flip flops. So, determined not to make the same mistake this year, I decided to set myself the challenge of creating a capsule travel wardrobe for this holiday. I’d been curating a capsule travel wardrobe Pinterest board for ages, and I was fully inspired to let go of my inner instincts to take my layers after studying the weather forecast the week before (plus, we were taking luggage for 8 people for a week in one car, so y’know, space issues).

the rules capsule wardrobe

Generally, I would stick to the rules of a capsule wardrobe if I were packing for a holiday abroad, but seeing as this is the UK and I did have to be practical about taking a waterproof jacket and a hoody etc, I had to be quite flexible.

  • Limit your colour choices, so that you can mix and match with ease. Think blacks and whites for your base colour, with one colour accent.
  • Choose versatile garments that can be worn with many things, and for many occasions (think a jersey dress that could be worn out to dinner or thrown over some skinny jeans on a colder day)
  • Be careful with patterns! These aren’t mixed so easily.
  • Accessorize! Take scarfs, cardigans, belts, anything that can make an outfit different with ease.

what i actually did


  • I made sure I knew what the weather was expected to do, and what temperatures to expect (I use this site which has always been pretty accurate for me)
  • I did kinda prepare for all eventualities. I made sure I took a waterproof jacket, a hoody, and some waterproof shoes.
  • I considered how long the journey was going to be, and made sure I wore comfortable clothes (our journey was overnight, and about 9 hours in total)
  • I chose ‘easy’ outfits. Jeans and t-shirts, mainly. I didn’t stay within the rules of ‘fewer colours’, but I knew that my trousers were going to be plain so this was okay!

capsule wardrobe autumn 2

4 different t-shirts/tops

capsule wardrobe autumn 3

3 bottoms – skinny jeans, MOM/boyfriend jeans, and printed trousers

capsule wardrobe autumn

1 dress, 1 oversized shirt, 1 printed shirt, one t-shirt dress

capsule wardrobe autumn

2 skirts

capsule wardrobe autumn

2 pairs of shorts

capsule wardrobe autumn3 pairs of shoes

capsule wardrobe

D’ya know what? It did, and I felt loads better for it. I took just enough, and never felt like I needed something else or something different.

I’ll definitely be opting to create a capsule wardrobe for my next travel adventure. Would you ever try doing this?

Rhi x


capsule wardrobe for early autumn

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