Bad-blogger Liverpool Stay | #BloggerLodge

I’ve got a confession to make. I’ve been a bad blogger.


As bloggers (and by default, photographers), we crave natural light so that we can do our best to produce the best quality photographs. There is nothing that puts us on edge like a greying, rainy, November afternoon. Bloggers love ‘dem ‘autumnal’ posts, but we also hate that the nights have started to draw in as our timescale of ‘good light’ has been dramatically reduced. So as you can imagine, night-time photography is almost always a no-no.

ANYWAY. I was invited to Liverpool a few months ago to stay in and explore the city of Liverpool, as part of Travelodge’s #BloggerLodge campaign. I’m a huge champion of holidays and breaks within the UK and so I was really excited for me and Chris to pack our little bags and head south for the weekend. However, having the trip booked way in advance meant that our circumstances had changed within that time – Chris got a new job and couldn’t get time off work. Cue my very sad face. But, a quick phonecall to my friend Dan who lives in York, and I was sorted – he was well up for a weekend in a football capital.

We got to stay in the The Strand hotel which is, I’m not lying, literally opposite the Docks, as you can see below. Very, very beautiful. It’s also very conveniently located to the main shopping strip – which, by the way, is uhhhmazing (hello Forever 21). Around the corner you’ve got Liverpool James Street train station, which links you to the main train station. How. Very. Convenient. 

liverpool albert docks

Back to the ‘bad blogger’ story. Basically, due to horrendous traffic on the Friday, Dan and I didn’t arrive in Liverpool until gone 8pm. We were absolutely starving, so headed straight out for a quick Nando’s of the cheekiest variety, and then after some fabulous recommendations from some baristas in Costa, we walked up towards the various bars. Long story short, after visiting many, many a bar, we ended up back at the Travelodge at 4:45am with McDonalds in hand.

Needless to say, the next morning was a struggle. We were hangin’. Me more so than Dan, but yeah. We Wetherspoon’ed ourselves up good and proper, but not long after Dan had to leave to attend a family party. I was like, yeahhh, I’ll have a browse round the shops later, and then take myself out for some food. Take some lovely pictures of what Liverpool has to offer. Ima date myself up, I thought.

One inadvertent and unplanned nap later, and it was gone 8pm. Oh god. I was so hungover. I’d completely missed that perfect opportunity (daylight) to take the pictures of Liverpool I had intended to. And I knew that I had a relatively early train to catch the next morning. So, after being bolstered by Doritos and chocolate buttons (thanks, next-door-to-Travelodge-Tesco), I headed out to the Docks to take some late night pictures – and they turned out *much* better than I ever expected. (Am I redeemed, now?)

liverpool docks

Liverpool The Pumphouse

Postbox Liverpool

My room itself was great – fabulous double bed, television, bathroom, and of course, a kettle and a couple of mugs. As I said above, the location of The Strand is absolutely perfect, and even though I didn’t visit them, it’s also close to The Tate Museum, The Beatles Story, and Merseyside Maritime Museum. PLUS, Wi-Fi for one day is just £3. That’s pretty damn good.

travelodge the strand liverpool


I can’t thank Travelodge enough for such a brilliant stay – despite the raging hangover, I had a reeeally good weekend with Dan; we were able to catch up, relax, and enjoy the many bars Liverpool had to offer. I just hope I can prevent the two day hangover for my next trip to Liverpool…

Rhi x

*Post in collaboration with Travelodge – but as always, all views are solely my own! 


7 thoughts on “Bad-blogger Liverpool Stay | #BloggerLodge

  1. Love Liverpool-wrong side of Pennines, but really vibrant at night and chockablock full of culture during the day. Two marvellous Cathedrals, U-boat museum and fantastic bars. Love it. Love the night time photos and very amusing blog.


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