Christmas, New Year, and that weird bit in between.

Oh my word, 2015 is coming to an end and I couldn’t be happier. I feel like 2015 has been one big, inconvenient bellend.

bye Feliciasource

Don’t get me wrong, some wonderful, beautiful things happened in 2015, but as I detailed in my last post, things have not been easy. The best thing to come out of 2015 was the realisation that I needed to pull myself out of it – and thus, there are 38 days until I move to Barcelona to begin what is hopefully the next big and fulfilling chapter of my life. My little Welsh head still can’t process it properly because it’s just too exciting to bear.

Anyway, despite the aforementioned shitstorm of a year, Christmas was just magical. Chris and I travelled back to my little Welsh town to spend Christmas with my peeps – those family peeps are the best. I have a niece and nephew who are just gorgeous and everything that is right with the world, and they always, always make my Christmas. Apparently my niece signed off her letter to Father Christmas with ‘if it’s not too much trouble, and don’t worry if it is’ – the epitome of adorable.

I also enjoyed some Christmas Craftiness thanks to Oasis Home & Hobby who sent me some truly fantastic goodies to kit out my home for Christmas. You guys are the best, and I only pricked myself with holly like, 10 times or something (I definitely didn’t cut the holly from the bush in the garden while in my dressing gown. (I did, I loved it)). My wreath turned out a lot better than I ever expected (maybe I should have used gloves?) given the pointy nature of the foliage.

Oasis Christmas Craftsoasis christmas crafts 2Christmas Oasis 2
Wreath Oasis 3Wreath Oasis 1

I was also lucky enough to be able to take this luxury champagne Christmas pudding back to Wales, courtesy of Graze. With a white Belgian choccy sauce and raspberry pieces, this was a Christmas pud I could definitely get on board with. I could’ve eaten the whole thing.

Graze Champagne Christmas Pudding

Now, I’ve been being very nosy at all the ‘what I got for Christmas’ posts so I thought I’d show you a bit of a selection of what I got too. Only fair, right?

I’ve been a very lucky girl and am so grateful for everything I received. I’m gonna bet that you’ll all particularly love the stamp. Might just start stamping ‘instagrammed’ ON people.

Christmas Post 2Instagram StampChristmas Post 3Christmas Post 1


2015 –> 2016

One of my first ever blogposts back in February was my wishlist for 2015. I fancy seeing how I got on.

Get fitter, get healthier – For the first part of 2015, this definitely happened. Later on, not so much. 
Visit Croatia – Yes I did! It was incredible and you can nosy at what we got up to here.
Continue to challenge myself with yoga – This is a yes and a no. I did, but definitely could have done more. 
Alter my diet (little-to-no meat, less nachos…) – To an extent, this is a yes! I definitely eat a lot less meat and also less nachos, anyway…
Run 2 half marathons – Ehm, no. 
Read 30 books (minimum!) – Uh huh! of course.
Make my Mam’s 60th birthday really special – I took her to Porto – so I’m hoping so!
Write more – Absolutely I did. 
Complete 1 knitting project and 1 crochet project – No. But I did do loads of cross-stitch.
Continue saving money – Yes.
Find a job I’m happy in – Absolutely fucking not. 
Organise seeing more friends who live faraway – Yes yes yes
Get more photos printed – Oh boy did I
Go to bed earlier! (stop scrolling instagram) – No, soz, body.
Learn to ‘let go’ (sometimes) – Yes! I believe this is something I’ve made great strides in.
Send more post to special people – Yes! Hello penpals. 
Steer clear of negative people – YES. 
Create a blog/writing space – Well HELLO
Come off medication – Yes!

I like to think I did pretty well with my goals – but as always, there is huge room for improvement in 2016. I’m going to challenge myself, push myself, be the best version of myself that I can.

Thanks to everyone who has read, commented, encouraged, and engaged with C&C over the past 10 months. You are awesome. I hope you’ll keep reading and will follow my adventures in Barcelona and beyond in 2016!

Love to you all, truly. 

Rhi xo


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