Très Cool | Slogan Sweater and Denim

I’m slipping out of my comfort zone today. I know everyone says it, but I’m a bit like Chandler Bing in front of a camera – I’m not always entirely sure what to do with my mouth. Or hands. Selfies I’m all down for: I can control the amount of chins that get to be in the picture because angles. 

photo (15)

I posted this image on my Instagram yesterday after I picked up the little beaut in Primark for a fiver. A solitary fiver. I’ve been thinking of ways to wear it, as I’ve been doing with every item of clothing I’m potentially taking to Barcelona (hi, have I mentioned I’m moving there?) because I need to make sure that the things I take can be versatile and worn a few different ways. Yep, y’girl has been soaking in articles about packing for long-term trips like nobody’s business. 

I’ve styled the sweater with two different styles of denim jeans because I’m probably gonna live in both of them in Barcelona – apparently it’s not hot enough to whip out floaty skirts and shorts just yet, who knew? 

  1. Skinny jeans

Skinny ankle grazers, a white shirt underneath, floppy hat and block heels. I probably haven’t worn a shirt underneath a jumper since sixth form which was a sweet 7 years ago, but I’m loving this combination. I feel like I’m dressed up without being dressed up, which is my favourite kind of effort to make. However, a swift change in footwear could make this outfit as casual as you like again. Converse, toms, brogues, boots – this outfit has all bases covered. 



2. MOM jeans

I don’t think there are words for how much I love these jeans. They’re incredibly comfortable, versatile, and they don’t give you the grief that skinny jeans can (i.e. I can bend to tie my shoelaces in them). Add trusty brogues and snakeskin bag, et voila. P.S. Like how I’m wearing the bag around my neck instead of shoulder? No idea how or why this happened. Here for it though.  



So what do you guys think? Do I need to buy more slogan sweaters? My answer will always be yes.

How would you wear yours?

Rhi xo


14 thoughts on “Très Cool | Slogan Sweater and Denim

  1. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. Please give me normal posing lessons? You look absolutely stunning, I just look like really clueless like I’m staring out to sea wondering what I just saw. Confused & dazed springs to mind. But you, you look so effortlessly gorgeous. And your hair looks BANGIN’.
    Bee xxx


  2. Tres cool et chic indeed! Love sweatshirts, and I have my eye on this really nice blood red on RAD but ain’t nobody gon’ spend £20 on one hahaha 😉 but they do have some cool slogan ones on there if you’re looking! Love the jeans btw, I can never find ones that fit me because I’m too short U___U although I did go into Cheap Monday the other day and I tried on some jeans and they’re so tight idek????

    So excited for you for Barca!!!!!

    Cherie /


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