Très Cool | Slogan Sweater and Denim

I’m slipping out of my comfort zone today. I know everyone says it, but I’m a bit like Chandler Bing in front of a camera – I’m not always entirely sure what to do with my mouth. Or hands. Selfies I’m all down for: I can control the amount of chins that get to be in the picture because angles. 

photo (15)

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Christmas Sparkle | George Take Ten

Okay, so who forgot to tell me it was December? I mean, seriously, it was like October yesterday and now it’s apparently Christmas and yeah, I’m not really okay with it. Thanks guys.

At least George at Asda have got me sorted with a great all-rounder Christmas outfit – no more scrabbling around for something sparkly and festive the day before a night out. Nope, allow me to introduce you to this cheeky little gold number.

george asda christmas gold dress sequins

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My New Specs | Polette Giveaway!

Wearing glasses is like my comfort blanket. I feel like putting them on makes me a little bit invisible – and that’s perfect for those days where my skin has gone crazy or the bags under my eyes are large enough to pack for a weekend away.

I’ve never found the perfect pair; frames are so expensive, and somehow I’ve always managed to buy my frames just before a new trend comes in, meaning mine have always looked boring and nerdy. A few months ago, French eyewear company Polette offered me the chance to try out some of their frames, and after a quick browse, I was like duhh? Yes please.

polette eyewear

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The perfect capsule wardrobe for a UK holiday (in autumn!)

I’m a big fan of packing, in all its forms. Whether it’s packing up a house to move (I’m so used to this, with 6 moves in 6 years), packing up the car for a long journey, or packing for a holiday, I’m all over it. Think of the lists that come with this process! You’ve got ‘to take’ lists, ‘to buy’ lists…it’s organisation central and I bladdy love it. There’s just something so cosy and comforting about gathering what you’ll need for some nights away from home and sticking them in a bag, off you go.

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High street wishlist: the beginnings of Spring!

Hi everyone!

Just a short post today as I think I’m going to attempt to do 1 or 2 tomorrow too (my weekly roundup and a new post for a new month!).  As LFW has come to an end, I think this is perfect timing for taking a peek at everyone’s beloved high-street haunts.

In this post I’ve rounded up some of my recent favourite items from the high street.This was an especially hard one to put together as I am currently on a self-imposed spending ban due to our upcoming period of uncertainty with moving…I’ve not been buying many clothes, but I’ve found that I’ve replaced it by spending on more books. I spend a fair amount of money on books anyway, but it seems to have increased as of late. Even the postman commented on how many packages I’ve been getting recently… Ooops.


(maybe ASOS doesn’t count as high-street, but you catch my drift…)

asos wishlist february


Hat Open-toe bootsDungarees JumpsuitSuede skirtNecklace


topshop wishlist spring


Snakeskin shoesT-shirtUnderwear set Nail polish


h&m spring

ShirtNecklace – ShoesTier necklace 

h&m spring


Earrings JacketDressClutch bag


(again, not strictly high-street but it should be..)

missguided wishlist spring

SkirtCrop topCoat Trainers 

So there we have it – a whole post of painful wishful thinking for me. I can’t put my finger on what it is about the emerging Spring trends, but I’m loving them so far this year! I am looking forward to putting my jumpers away.

I especially love the trainers from Missguided, which are a brilliant duplicate of the Nike roshe trainers which are beautiful but my word are they expensive. I have been lusting over the pink shearling coat for a longgggg time too, but I have too many coats to justify getting another (at the moment anyway). Which makes me so sad.

What are your favourites from above, and what have you seen elsewhere that you are loving at the moment? Let me know below!

R xo

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