Last night my boyfriend almost died | How to help when someone is choking

This isn’t one of those ‘clickbait’ articles – I never though I’d be writing a post like this.


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Kinda big, kinda cool life news.

I haven’t been blogging much recently. Not just because I haven’t had the time to, but because there have been a lot of things going on behind the scenes of this little blog that I’ve been focusing my energy and efforts into.

Where to start?


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Christmas Sparkle | George Take Ten

Okay, so who forgot to tell me it was December? I mean, seriously, it was like October yesterday and now it’s apparently Christmas and yeah, I’m not really okay with it. Thanks guys.

At least George at Asda have got me sorted with a great all-rounder Christmas outfit – no more scrabbling around for something sparkly and festive the day before a night out. Nope, allow me to introduce you to this cheeky little gold number.

george asda christmas gold dress sequins

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My New Specs | Polette Giveaway!

Wearing glasses is like my comfort blanket. I feel like putting them on makes me a little bit invisible – and that’s perfect for those days where my skin has gone crazy or the bags under my eyes are large enough to pack for a weekend away.

I’ve never found the perfect pair; frames are so expensive, and somehow I’ve always managed to buy my frames just before a new trend comes in, meaning mine have always looked boring and nerdy. A few months ago, French eyewear company Polette offered me the chance to try out some of their frames, and after a quick browse, I was like duhh? Yes please.

polette eyewear

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