The One-of-a-Kind Cat Book | Review

My shelves are teeming with unread books; they always are. I have a (carefully crafted) to-be-read list which lives in one of my journals, which I tick off with glee upon finishing a book, despite loving, hating, or tolerating said works. I prefer a reading-rhythm. My reading-rhythm. I catalogue the books I will eventually read into an order – I do, and have always done this, to try and extract the best experiences from books.

For example, I cannot read three crime-fiction books in a row. I get bored, and my mind glosses over chapters and I long for something other than scenes in a chilly morgue with hellbent yet brooding detectives (why always with the brooding detective trope?!). So, I might read a “classic”, then some Young Adult, then a thriller, then a book of short stories, then contemporary fiction etc and etc. It helps me stay interested in the book in hand, and I always look forward to the sharp change in genre.

There are times, though, where I’ll pick up a book on a whim and just *have* to read it. Maybe the synopsis is just too compelling to sentence it to live at the very end of my to-be-read. Or sometimes, I’ll just need something completely different, something fun and adventurous.


Ciye Cho One of a Kind Cat Book

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Kinda big, kinda cool life news.

I haven’t been blogging much recently. Not just because I haven’t had the time to, but because there have been a lot of things going on behind the scenes of this little blog that I’ve been focusing my energy and efforts into.

Where to start?


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Christmas Sparkle | George Take Ten

Okay, so who forgot to tell me it was December? I mean, seriously, it was like October yesterday and now it’s apparently Christmas and yeah, I’m not really okay with it. Thanks guys.

At least George at Asda have got me sorted with a great all-rounder Christmas outfit – no more scrabbling around for something sparkly and festive the day before a night out. Nope, allow me to introduce you to this cheeky little gold number.

george asda christmas gold dress sequins

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